Friday, February 26, 2010

recently the baltimore city paper's "eat me" column was all about the making of homemade cider- regular and hard.  it turns out that making hard cider is quite...easy (and cheap!).  the process of making regular cider from scratch is not so easy, but if you're ok with buying some organic pre-made cider from whole foods then bingo! hard cider.  so misha and i took a quick trip out to our local brew store, the thirsty brewer, bought some wine yeast and a plastic airlock for about five bucks, and are now impatiently waiting for our first experimental batch of hard cider to stop bubbling so we can DRINK IT! more to come....

my beautiful valentines day flowers- tulips and gerber daisies, my favorites! i heart my boyfriend :)

homemade cinnamon rolls, on snow day #2

it snowed over two feet! and we played in it, and did puzzles, and made foccacia from scratch.  snow days are amazing, especially when you're snowed in with lots of good food, alcohol, your wonderful boyfriend and his roommates!

birthday presents to myself: two beautiful new finds from avenue antiques- a vintage floral tablecloth and a carved and inlaid wooden box.

homemade birthday carrot cake, thanks to my amazing boyfriend!