Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my newest painting

board #2 for the bakery- pineapple upside down cake!

i finally finished my tree skirt!  i am so pleased with the finished product, and very proud of my work.  i am so grateful to my mom for giving me the sewing gene (as well as buying me my sewing machine for christmas!).  i also am super-duper grateful to misha's mom candie, who has been teaching me how to sew and being very patient with me- i couldn't have done it without her help!

i've also confidently sewn together a few pillows/cushions for our living room and porch from a very fun IKEA fabric.  i did these all on my own, and while they are just about the easiest thing ever there were still road bumps in the process and i learned a lot.  i'm so glad i've finally learned to sew, and am able to channel my creativity into making functional objects.  next up: a cute spring dress, pillowcases for misha's sister, and my first tote bag!

spring has sprung!  a pair of house finches (i think they are house finches, based on a little google research) have nested in our hanging pansy plant, and i discovered their nest on accident.  since then i have been discreetly and carefully photographing it, and the baby birds have officially hatched!  right now they look like aliens, but everyday they get bigger and bigger!

getting to photograph these birds is easily one of the coolest things! they are amazing.  i will post more photos soon- i try to wait awhile in between photographing to let them grow/not freak the mama and papa out!