Friday, April 20, 2012

hmmm...what's new with me these days?  well, I turned 25 in january.  misha turned 25 in march (and we celebrated two years together in december 2011!).  i am having fun with my vegetarian hungarian cooking and baking blog, The Wooden Spoon (cheddar cheese biscuits pictured above).  i'm still in the bakery at whole foods, occasionally decorating a cake or two but still mainly doing retail. etsy shop, Odudare, is occupying all of my spare time and is super, super exciting!  i am selling handmade printed products and fine art, such as pillow covers, coasters, prints, collages, and so on and so forth!  i have been designing my own textiles and having a ton of fun.  hopefully it takes off and gets me to the point of working in my studio full time!  

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i'm afraid this blog has gone to the back burner with everything else going on, but I'm hoping to revive it in order to keep sharing all that's happening with Odudare, as well as all the fun stuff that happens in my crazy awesome life!

Friday, January 27, 2012

starfish prints galore!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

i love going thrifting/antiquing, and my absolute favorite antique store is avenue antiques in hampden.  every single time i go there, i find something i can't live without.  occasionally i control myself, but usually i get at least one thing, some awesome find.  their prices are awesome- there's really cool expensive stuff, but most things are under 30 dollars, the limit i subconsciously have for spending on any one item when i'm thrifting.  i'm willing to go over it, but only for really special things.  when i went to avenue antiques with my friend jane last week, i definitely went over my limit, but i found FOUR incredible things (all cheap alone) that i HAD to have.  from top to bottom: leather purse, rose glass cake plate, buddha, mushroom art. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

new board @ work


Sunday, January 8, 2012

new collage!!!! more to come 

the new studio is complete! more or less, actually.  it still needs tack boards, and some more jars and bowls to hold things, but the basic structure is done.  also, i got a GORGEOUS new leather bound sketchbook from misha for christmas, because he's awesome.  it is so wonderful to draw in it, it has been inspiring me to fill its pages.  it was made by the artist melissa chao of to boldly fold, a former classmate of mine.  she makes the MOST incredible books!!!

coaster sets i made for my coworker amy.  she gave them to family and friends for christmas.  there were four altogether, and these are photos of the three i made last.

the christmas cactus candie got me last year finally bloomed- and it had so many buds!

the bakery holiday sign i made

these steaming vegetables were just so beautiful...the colors are vibrant and happy...and they were so soft and yummy!

we found awesome antique ornaments and a gorgeous wooden cutting board at avenue antiques on our anniversary.  i spotted the cool christmas beer at the wine source (we opened it for christmas, and it was delicious!).  i love shopping in hampden, so many unique things.

two years together! <3

another headband i made for a coworker's daughter, and a quilt for my friend jane's baby shower present in its early stages.

christmas decorations- i made the felt snowflakes and the tree skirt.