Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i finally finished my tree skirt!  i am so pleased with the finished product, and very proud of my work.  i am so grateful to my mom for giving me the sewing gene (as well as buying me my sewing machine for christmas!).  i also am super-duper grateful to misha's mom candie, who has been teaching me how to sew and being very patient with me- i couldn't have done it without her help!

i've also confidently sewn together a few pillows/cushions for our living room and porch from a very fun IKEA fabric.  i did these all on my own, and while they are just about the easiest thing ever there were still road bumps in the process and i learned a lot.  i'm so glad i've finally learned to sew, and am able to channel my creativity into making functional objects.  next up: a cute spring dress, pillowcases for misha's sister, and my first tote bag!

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